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Lunar calendar and horoscope on 15 September 2021

Category: Horoscopes » Daily » Lunar » 2021

Date: 15 September 2021
Day of the week: Wednesday

Moon rise: in 17 hrs. 00 min.
Moon sunset: in 23 hrs. 15 min.
Moon illumination percentage: 67%

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Lunar zodiac
CapricornCapricorn. When the Moon moves into the conservative sign of Capricorn, we tend to be a little bit more cautious, a little more serious, and a little more grounded than we normally are. Capricorn is a sign that means business! Instead of being concerned with short-term satisfaction, you’ll be more inclined to dig in and focus on your long-term goals.
During the Capricorn Moon you might find that you have an increased desire for professional success. The good news is that this industrious Earth sign also gives you a shot of determination to achieve whatever it is you’ve set your sights on. Capricorn is a natural born leader so you may end up volunteering to head up a big project at work. You might also feel the urge to start looking at the next stage of your career and map out how you’ll get there.... More
Lunar day
From 00 hrs. 00 min. to 17 hrs. 00 min.
9 lunar day9 lunar day. Symbol - bat. The first day after the quadrature of the Moon and the Sun. One of the good symbols of this day is the Milky Way, as well as mother's milk.
This day is considered satanic. He brings with him various illusions, bad signs and deception, which must be analyzed and comprehended. On this lunar day, poisoning can also occur, torment nightmares at night. It is also necessary to be cleansed of astral and physical slags, engage in power exercises and forgive abusers. It is also not very recommended to look in the mirror. Even the bad signs include spilled milk (if the mother has milk on that day, the child may be punished). A good sign in this period will be a cactus that has blossomed.
This is a period of disharmony. And this is due to delusions, deceptions and various complications. You may have the desire to avoid problems and escape responsibility. There may also be a feeling of dissatisfaction with your surroundings. Thus, people spiritual, can get rid of this day and s... More
From 17 hrs. 00 min. to 24 hrs. 00 min.
10 lunar day10 lunar day. Symbol - spring, source of water, secret source, fountain. The fountain is associated with a constantly overwhelming energy, recalls spiritual independence.
This is the day of finding previously unknown sources of energy, including karmic memory, self-deepening, rest. On such a lunar day, you can meditate, to determine for yourself the line of life, strengthen the house, family, reflect on your genealogical tree. It is advisable at this time to go to the bath. Recommend starting any construction. Also on this day you can not be superficial and self-serving.
An appropriate period for changing the form of activity and for engaging in individual and collective creativity. Very effective relationships will be on the love front, as well as spiritual quest and your professional success. You can easily take on everything new, start construction, hold meetings, and generally start implementing any new plans.
A very good day for meetings, meetings, friendly conversations. Contacts with... More
Lunar phase
9 lunar dayThe moon is in the Waxing crescent phase. The second lunar phase is the gap between the first lunar quarter and the full moon. During this period, the active growth of the moon continues. The second phase is characterized by an even more significant increase in energy and internal forces, a very pronounced activity.
In the business sector, a favorable time begins for the implementation of planned tasks, solving difficult questions and problems. Cases requiring a lot of activity will be easy to give.
During the second lunar phase, physical activity can be useful, it is during this period that it is good to start new workouts. Favorable changes in absolutely all areas of activity, both in relationships on a personal plan, and in business.
A good time for moving, traveling, changing the type of activity. Vital energy gathers more and closer to the full moon, its peak is noted. This period is distinguished by emotional outbreaks, increasingly conflicts, the occurrence of traumatic situations.
Day of the week
Day of the week: WednesdayWednesday. Movable Mercury controls the environment, the planet is changeable, endowing us with cunning, dexterity, talkativeness. Mercury is a fidget, he loves everything new, especially the latest news, so on Wednesday it’s hard to stay in one place, it’s hard to live without communication, without gossip and news. The clever, cunning Mercury will help you to catch luck on Wednesday by gambling, using tricky tricks in your work. On Wednesday it’s easier to outwit a person, and if you have already used all the means to achieve the goal, try to resort to tricks on Wednesday. However, look so that they do not outwit you, because even the most honest people on Wednesday can remember the tricks and not disdain them.
It is mobility and communication that will bring success on the day of Mercury. If you want someone to pay attention to you on this day, want to please others, tell them more recent news, tell all sorts of stories, especially about changes in your life or the lives of ... More

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