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Lunar calendar and horoscope on 27 September 2021

Category: Horoscopes » Daily » Lunar » 2021

Date: 27 September 2021
Day of the week: Monday

Moon rise: in 20 hrs. 31 min.
Moon sunset: in 13 hrs. 49 min.
Moon illumination percentage: 66%

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Lunar zodiac
GeminiGemini. The Moon is always moving which means that even if you were born with the Moon in another sign, we are all honorary Geminis once a month. When the Moon is moving through Gemini, regardless of how we normally feel, we may be a little bit more scattered during this time. Astrologers would categorize the Gemini Moon personality as easily distracted - it’s hard to focus when there’s always something else that could use our attention.
Every separate event seems like the most significant one, yet each one takes its turn in the spotlight and then quickly fades away. Take advantage of the Gemini Moon’s mutable atmosphere by changing your mind about something, or seeing another side of an issue you’ve been stuck on.... More
Lunar day
From 00 hrs. 00 min. to 20 hrs. 31 min.
21 lunar day21 lunar day. Symbol - Mustang, horse, Temple, herd, chariot. A horse is a symbol of endless hope, an active pursuit of a goal, chivalry, honor, duty, sincerity and brotherhood. The chariot points out that the path taken on this day is not chaotic, not meaningless, but fully realized and subordinated to a specific goal. The herd of horses is all the "horsepower" of your body. The body is the chariot, the mind is the charioteer.
This is a very creative and active day. Characterize this day a voluntary sacrifice, courage, fearlessness and rejection of property. Successful group lessons, you can swear fidelity. You have to be fair and honest. On this lunar day, the journey begun, the transition to a new job will be successful. Useful physical exercises and water procedures, as well as time spent in the fresh air.
At this time, you can safely overcome the machinations of ill-wishers and enemies. New contacts and deeds will be successful. The trips will be successful. There will be interesting prop... More
From 20 hrs. 31 min. to 24 hrs. 00 min.
22 lunar day22 lunar day. The symbol is the key, the "scroll (book)", the elephant of Ganesha (the son of Shiva, the patron of knowledge, wisdom) with a broken fang, a white elephant and a golden key to reveal secret knowledge, a scroll with letters. These symbols denote the wisdom gained by experience, the inviolability of the laws of nature, the secret knowledge, the world law, the information field. An elephant with a broken tusk (Ganesha's elephant) is a symbol of knowledge that comes through bitter experience, experienced trials, from which one can come out wise and strong.
Day of wisdom, secret knowledge, world law and inviolability. During this day, goals are achieved. He is also good for studying crafts, various sciences and knowledge of his roots. It is useful to meditate on this day, you can learn the future, show generosity, teach others, transfer your experience. It is advised to eat a lot on this lunar day.
During this period, you can also renew creatively and spiritually. Your colleagues and... More
Lunar phase
21 lunar dayThe moon is in the Waning Crescent phase. The third lunar phase covers the period from the full moon to the beginning of the fourth quarter. At the full moon, there is a peak in the accumulation of vital and mental energy, which subsequently gradually decreases.
During this period, activity begins to decrease, and a frequent change of states, ideas and judgments comes. When the experience and forces accumulated over the past phases continue energetically to start implementing plans.
In this period of the lunar month, the first results of the previously invested efforts are already distinguishable. Occurring mood changes can relate not only to the business field, but also to personal life.
A great period to break free from old habits, you can also try something new. In a relationship, this is a time of rapprochement and romance at the highest level. The third phase is great for self-development, self-improvement and creation.
Day of the week
Day of the week: MondayMonday. Monday is called a difficult day, and for good reason, because it is controlled by an emotional, impressionable moon. The moon is associated with the mental state of a person, so on Monday it is more difficult to remain calm to annoying factors, it is difficult to calmly listen to criticism. On this day, we all become more sensitive, emotionally vulnerable, it is easier for us to become discouraged, to succumb to the influence of others and the influx of bad mood. And if on Monday we have whiners, gloomy pessimists, then we can become the same, our mood will be strongly influenced by those around us, and especially people with a lunar character: emotional, vulnerable, tearful, pessimistic. The crowd, whoever it is composed of, is subject to the influence of the emotional Moon, therefore, if on Monday a person is among the crowd, his soul becomes even more vulnerable, which can lead to a deterioration of mood.
The emotional Moon inclines to a spiritual conversation, and if ... More

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