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Ox: chinese (eastern) horoscope

Ranking the second in the Chinese zodiac, Ox or Cow is the symbol of diligence in Chinese culture. People under the sign of the Ox are usually hard working, honest, creative, ambitious, cautious, patient and handle things steadily. On the negative side, Ox people might be stubborn, narrow-minded, indifferent, prejudiced, slow and not good at communication.

Chinese: 牛 (niú)
Earthly Branches: Chou (丑)
Energy: Yin
Five Elements: Earth (Tu)

Lucky things

Lucky Flowers: Tulip, Evergreen, Peach blossom
Lucky Gemstone: Aquamarine
Lucky Numbers: 1, 9
Lucky Colors: Blue, Yellow, Purple
Lucky Directions: East, Southeast, South
Best Match: Rat, Snake, Rooster

Unlucky things

Unlucky Numbers: 3, 4
Unlucky Colors: White, Green
Unlucky Direction: Southwest
Worst Match: Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, Dog

Personality traits

Ox plays great important role in people's life. Without the Ox's hard work in agriculture, human society couldn't make such a rapid progress. As the ox act slowly but having a strong will and are industrious, the people born in the year of the ox also have these kinds of nature. No matter how terrible the surroundings are and what other people say, they usually go forward to do things step by step and finish finally.

The ox is one of ruminant animals. They need to munch repeatedly for a long time without swallowing hastily when eating in order to digest the food completely. This is the same with the people under the ox sign. They like to think hard and ponder repeatedly for a long time before taking actions. Because of this, they are thought to be the kind of people thinking too much and too much questions. However, once begin to act; they will carry it off courageously without a hitch and rest. The disadvantage for them is that they lack of the flexibility ability to adapt to changes in the market. They usually insist on holding by their decisions and would like not to change which shows to be stubborn in other people's eyes.

Male personality traits

In general, male Oxen are mature, steady and trusted by others. It is in their nature to be down-to-earth and unemotional. Also, they are very confident yet snooty and short on enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

In daily life, they are down-to-earth, industrious and courageous. The healthy and strong men under Ox sign always can bear hardships and stand hard work. Motivated in life, they work hard to improve themselves and bring better life for their family. Whenever you stay with the steady male Oxen, you will feel comfortable and secure.

With a sensible attitude towards life, they are skilled in planning for life and usually keep everything in order because they just like the tidy and fixed pattern of life. Meanwhile, male Oxen are strong-willed and they can always act on their own.

When it comes to love relationship, they love the virtuous girls who could be good rather than capable wives. They hope that they could rely on their wives and get spiritual support and strong backing when they are down.

Female personality traits

Female Oxen are very practical in life. They know how to analyze problems rationally and they are gentle, cultivated and understanding yet have no sense of humor. Perhaps you may find they are boring, but they just could win the trust and support easily and succeed through their own efforts.

Women under the Ox sign hold an optimistic attitude towards life. They love life, never yield to any setbacks, and dare to struggle, do what others dare not to do and insist on with a determined mind. They would deal with anything in a methodical and fixed pattern and they are clean and orderly.

With clear goals for love relationship, female Oxen would never compromise. Instead, they wait for their Mr. Right patiently. Being prudent, cultured and calm, they would love wholeheartedly once they fall for someone and never change their minds even if another better one appears.


Among the twelve animals in Chinese zodiac, the rooster usually can make an ox's life very colorful. They both have a strong sense of devotion and like to do things with high efficiency. So, they can be best friends and partners. The rat and snake People take care of the ox well, so they can get along well with each other.

The people born in the year of the pig, monkey, tiger and the other ox can be harmonious with the ox although they are not very close enough.

The ox belongs to the earth in five elements and rabbit is wood. Because wood breaks the earth, the rabbit usually dominates the ox in career and marriage which makes the ox unhappy. It’s hard for the ox and the dragon keep a good relationship or lead a happy marriage life except they know how to praise each other. In relationship with the horse, the ox usually harms the horse by nature no matter in career or love. So, the horse people like to avoid contacting with the ox initiatively. The ox people are usually dull which makes the dog people don’t like them. Also, they have few in common that makes them hard to get along well. The ox people don’t like the sheep’s tenderness and the sheep don’t like the ox’s stubborn character, so they have many disputes if being together.


The surefooted Ox people are usually fit to those steady jobs which need more patience, tenacity, time and willpower. They would feel a great strain if doing those flexible and unformatted works such as journalists, brokers and salesmen. Suitable jobs for the Ox include politicians, artists, consultants, tea dealers etc. Also, in the fields of husbandry, hardware industry, drugstores, realty industry, intermediary organs, and agencies, they could get the best out of themselves.

Best Work Partners: Rat, Rooster, Snake
Best Age to Start a Business: 30 - 40
Best Career Field: Marketing
Best Business to Do: Building Materials Store, Decoration Shop
Best Direction for Career: South, Southwest, Northeast


People with Ox as the animal sign are simple, honest, very responsible, diligent, practical, calm and down-to-earth. But they are surprisingly persistent in love relationship and would not change their mind as long as they start the relationship with the right one. Ox people do not expect to be so popular with the opposite sex and what they need is just a sincere and single relationship.

Among the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, Ox ranks top in terms of the persistence in love. Once they set their mind on someone, they will keep pursuing and do everything for the love no matter they are loved back.

Although people born in the year of Ox are not good at expressing their feelings and they are conservative in love and lack of romance, they can show their sincerity and win the favor of many opposite sex with their sentimental, simple, honest and persistent attitude and their wholehearted devotion to their lovers.

Despite the loyalty to love, Ox people lack of initiative and they are silent, mild on the outside but wild on the inside. Sweet words and romance are required in a love relationship. Therefore, people of Ox sign are suggested to be more passionate, take the initiative to bow down and show their care, and create a little romance for their lovers to make it last longer and be more beautiful.

How to make an Ox love you more? If you are in love with someone under the Ox sign, make sure he/she can feel your sincerity, which is the most important thing in your relationship. When an Ox starts a relationship with you, he/she would keep giving and hold a persistent attitude, so you also need to give wholeheartedly.

Ox will be in the following years:

29 January 1949  –  16 February 1950
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - brown. Element - earth.

15 February 1961  –  04 February 1962
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - white. Element - metal.

03 February 1973  –  22 January 1974
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - blue. Element - water.

19 February 1985  –  08 February 1986
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - green. Element - wood.

07 February 1997  –  27 January 1998
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - red. Element - fire.

26 January 2009  –  13 February 2010
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - brown. Element - earth.

11 February 2021  –  31 January 2022
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - white. Element - metal.

31 January 2033  –  18 February 2034
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - blue. Element - water.

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