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Tuesday: horoscope by days of the week

Tuesday is the day of the week between Monday and Wednesday. According to the international standard ISO 8601, this is the second day of the week, although in some traditions it is the third.

In the Orthodox Church, Tuesdays are dedicated to John the Baptist. Oktoih contains hymns on the subject, which are sung on Tuesdays throughout the year. The day before Lent in Catholic countries is called "Fat Tuesday." On Great Tuesday, which is Holy Week, Christians recall the sermon of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.

Tuesday is under the auspices of Mars. In the Vedic tradition, the god of the planet Mars is named after Mangal or Angarak, which is translated from Sanskrit as "red". This day of the week is considered unfavorable. During the period of active influence of Mars, care should be taken to avoid open conflicts, not to take unjustified risks.

Metal: iron, steel;
Chakra: manipura - stomach;
Stone: pomegranate;
Color: shades of flame and rust;
Plants: rose hip, ginger, tobacco;
Incense: basil, coriander;
Symbol: sword;
Element: fire.

How to behave on this day

Tuesday is controlled by the fiery Mars - the warrior planet. Mars has a sharp character, it can make us look for thrills on Tuesday, provoke us to harsh statements and actions. Fiery, assertive Mars gives us decisiveness, courage, willpower, therefore Tuesday is the most suitable day for the manifestation of strong features of his character. If someone considers you a rag, a dodger, it is easiest to prove the opposite to him on Tuesday. On this day, you can prove to yourself that you are a strong person. Mars will help you decide on something that previously lacked courage.

Mars is a planet of speed, uncontrolled desires, instincts. On Tuesday, "procrastination is like death". This day is better not to put off anything until later, and if you tell someone: “Why do today what can be postponed until tomorrow?” - your authority will drop in his eyes. Such words can be said on Saturday - the day of calm Saturn, but not on Tuesday. Try to do everything quickly on Tuesday and so that others notice it, then you will be respected.

Hot Mars makes you act in haste, thoughtlessly, but it can be used for good. Achieving success on Tuesday is easier if you spend less time thinking, acting as you wish. You are sitting at your workplace, and suddenly there is a desire to tell the bosses about your projects, so do not hesitate, go and tell right away. If you are going to tell someone about your feelings on Tuesday, do not wait for a lunch break or the end of the working day, do not restrain your desires, internal impulses, speak immediately as soon as you are near this person.

Mars is a male planet, so Tuesday is the most suitable day for male conversations, communication with men. One of the ways to please others on this day is a rational, masculine approach to problems. On this day, it is better to forget about your mood and take a sober approach to any issue.

Martian energy of aggression can turn Tuesday's events into a real war. On Tuesday, people are more likely than usual to display aggression, this should be remembered and try to smooth out conflicts at the very beginning of their eruption. Under the influence of Mars, someone said that "a flame will ignite from a spark", so do not let this flame flare up in the work collective or at home. The easiest way to avoid conflicts on this day is to promise the person that you will settle everything quickly.

One of the seven deadly sins on Mars is anger. Try not to allow this feeling into your soul never, and especially on Tuesday, because, arising on Tuesday, anger may not leave you on Wednesday or Thursday and will become a state familiar to you.

Engaged in Martian activities on Tuesday, for example, communicating with men, working with fire, hot and sharp objects, metal, dressing in fiery-Martian clothes made of bright fabrics of all shades of red, we attract the energy of Mars in our life, which will help us gain or strengthen in Mars’s qualities: willpower, masculinity. If you suffer from your indecision, cowardice, lack of will or faith in your strength, plan your life so that on Tuesday it will be possible to contact with men, weapons, any metal objects.

You will become more courageous, believe in your strength, if you go to a shooting club on Tuesday, will be next to a hot stove in the kitchen, or take up work in which the tools are scissors, needles, knives. The energy of Mars allows you to act quickly and instantly achieve your goals, so on Tuesday it is especially useful to engage in Martian studies and wear Martian clothes for slow people, those who are tormented by their inability to do something quickly, who would like to learn how to finish what they started in a short time .

Born on this day

Those born on Tuesday share a fighting spirit and strong determination. They are always fuelled by a desire to lead and win. Their prominent characteristics are fiery nature, active disposition, enthusiasm, zealous energy, courage and impatience. While they are motivated to achieve success, they can often turn destructive.

People Born On Tuesday in Personality. Under the spell of planet Mars, the Tuesday born are filled with a lot of energy. They are more than willing to work with challenges and prove their capabilities. They are actively involved with several important projects and missions throughout their life. They are moved by a strong spirit of adventure and possess a strong drive that many others lack. They do not hesitate to explore unfamiliar arenas and learn something new all the time. It is highly necessary for these individuals to channelize their energies to achieve more instead of jumping between commitments and tasks. Your lucky number is nine. Do charities on Tuesdays to avoid bad luck and a big success.

People Born On Tuesday in Career. By nature, you love material things and value them the most in your life. You will always enjoy working with money-related fields like banking and finance. You will love taking risks and proving your real worth. Careers involving a huge turnover will suit you the best. You work hard and can easily motivate others. However, one downside to your career personality is that you tend to speak before considering the possible impact of your words. This will easily annoy people and make them dislike you. You must, therefore, learn the art of speaking gently to win the heart of others. You are highly sensitive and get easily hurt when others criticise you. Cultivating balance is a way to succeed in your career.

People Born On Tuesday in Love. Most times you tend to worry a lot and get absorbed in deep thoughts into your closed self. Because of this, you will find it difficult to connect with others. In order to find your love and nurture it to maturity and understanding, it is important that you consider the emotional needs of your partner. You always tend to speak out your mind without any forethought or reservations, often you end up upsetting your partner with your words. Think twice or thrice before you speak. Look at the issues of life from different perspectives. This stand will let you maintain harmony and good understanding between you and your love partner.

People Born On Tuesday in Marriage. Your impatient and hot-tempered natures are your enemies when it comes to peaceful married life. You will protect your life partner courageously shielding them from all the odds of life. However, your pushy nature can be destructive to the peace and harmony in relationships. Do not explode when you under the spell of your emotions. Take your time and think well before you talk. Remember that the hurt caused is never reversible. With a considerate approach, you can make your married life a smooth and lovable journey. While it is your natural tendency to rule and lead, at home give equal status to your life partner to ensure harmony.

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